Introducing the new Légère European Signature reeds

For the past week, I've played these new Légère European Signature clarinet reeds in several different rehearsals and performances, including an opera, a solo recital and a chamber music recital. I can say, without hesitation, that they are by far the best reeds I've ever played. On any mouthpiece, they are responsive, consistent, and have a beautiful, warm tone throughout the range of the clarinet.

After 8 years of playing Legeres full time in the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, I have a lot of real performance experience with them. Some of you may have seen my previous posts about the regular Signature model reeds. I have loved these reeds, but sometimes I needed to work on them, gently sanding the sides or tip to balance them, or to mellow the sound a bit. But these new European Signature reeds are incredibly consistent and mellow right out of the package! They run a bit soft, so try one that is a quarter strength harder than normal for you.

Below is a short video of me trying several #4 European Signature Legere clarinet reeds on two of my very best old classic mouthpieces, a Couesnon "A. Perier", and a Chedeville Lelandais. Anyone who plays an old mouthpiece knows they can be fickle with reeds! I hope the proof of the Legere quality and beauty is in their performance in this clip. You can hear me saying either Perier or Lelandais before each test, and when I change reeds. The consistency is quite amazing.

Just think, you may never have to worry about the weather affecting your reeds, or about them wearing out, or having a reed change/warp in the middle of a performance, or having to work on them, or trying dozens to find a good one! What will you do with all the extra time?

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