Chedeville Clarinet Barrels review

Chedeville hard rubber barrels

Chedeville Hard Rubber Barrels

I've been playing on Chedeville hard rubber clarinet barrels for several years now, and I love them.

Which is saying a lot, since I have a collection of beautiful wood barrels from Buffet (Moennig and Chadash), from Backun (MoBa, Fatboy), and others. When I occasionally go back to my wood barrels, I quickly find the small flaws; tuning problems, inconsistent response, lack of perfectly centered tone, lack of resonance on the wood ones.

Several colleagues of mine have switched to Chedeville barrels after hearing me play them. They always sound better right away.

Why do I like them? Because they make playing the clarinet easier and are more consistent.

Chedeville hard rubber barrels are:

1) More resonant than wood, meaning less work is required to produce the same amount of beautiful tone.

2) Easier to articulate on, meaning attacks and tonguing are easier than on wood barrels.

3) Easier to tune on, because the barrel never changes due to temperature and moisture, meaning it tunes exactly the same no matter how cold or warm it is.

4) Centered tone throughout the range of the clarinet, because the taper (inside shape) is perfectly designed and never changes with time.

5) Consistent quality from barrel to barrel, meaning you don't have to try a bunch of them to find a good one!

I have been playing Chedeville hard rubber barrels on my Buffet RC Bb and Buffet R13 A clarinet for 3 years, and would recommend them to anyone playing Buffet clarinets!

Let me know if you have any questions. If you decide to try them, I recommend you use a slightly softer reed than usual.

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