Sandow and Midgette on audience decline for classical music

The institution of live classical music concerts continues to flounder, and the water isn't getting any calmer.  Can you teach an old fish to swim upstream? But the origins and value of music remain vital to humanity's sanity.

What needs to change (or stay the same) for you to spend more money on live music? Share your thoughts please.

In my case I'd like to see way more choices of styles, venues, times of day, length of concert.

I want to see both longer and shorter concerts, Sometimes you feel likes nut and sometimes you don't. One of the most amazing expriences of my life was listening to all 9 symphonies of Beethoven in one day. Other times I only want to hear one movement.

Sometimes I don't want to listen at all. I want to play a piece with others in a relaxed atmosphere. What could be a more natural experience, to have fun doing something with/for others? And no batteries required.

How can we blurr the lines between student, adault amateur,part timer and pro?

Music was invented to involve everyone in a direct way. Dancing, singing, playing, whistling, clapping, swaying or even just smiling, either at the music or others enjoying it. Classical music and its relatives can also be experienced on a much more abstract and mathematical level.

However, on all levels the imetus springs from the same source: an amazing virtual world accessible to all that reaches into our deepest human shared experience.

There's nothing wrong with classical music. It's just lost touch with its original purpose.

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