Set of R13s have been sold. Still have set of Selmer Privileges for sale.

The set of R13s went to a good home, clarinet doubler Jim Gallagher from Cincinatti Ohio. Actually he lucked out. Since the bidding closed on the Ebay listing before I could remove the clarinets, I honored the sale (but requested the reserve price I had stated). However, I had all but decided to keep the set, especially the '71 Bb, which I had re-fallen-in-love with.

I know this sounds neurotic, but tone "quality" is a very personal, subjective and delicate concept. It can be influenced by reactions from others, critics, friends, colleagues. A player's tone may evolve over time, not necessarily in the right direction. It may meander, or become deeply and inflexibly stuck in a habitual rut. The freshness of its expression may diminish as it becomes gimmicky with in its own style, more a museum relic than a vividly expressive living sound.

So now that the Vintage clarinet chapter is closed, the surprise ending (falling back in love just as it slipped through my fingers...) has prompted me to keep an eye out for clarinets from that period. 1971 was the year I started clarinet, and that instrument had a resonance with me because of that coincidence. That instrument was "born" the year I started to play the clarinet. (to be clear, I did not start on that clarinet, but saw it for the first time and bought it 3 years ago)

I still have the Selmer Privilege set for sale. They have a meaty, jammy sound, but I cannot "flex" them as I can Buffets, and so I need to sell. Actually, I hope to reinvest the income from their sale into my upcoming recording and website launch. So if you know ANYONE who might be interested, let me know.

When I bought them in 2008, I got an introductory deal on the price, the set for $7800. Considering they are of equal quality and detail as say a Buffet Tosca or Prestige, which go for $5500 EACH, this is indeed a good deal.

I hope to get around $7000 for the pair, as I put another $400 into the set, tuning and voicing them, as I would do with ANY good new horn. My total investment is $8,500, including the case. (the case which came with them had problem with the zipper and eventually broke)

The Selmers will not be listed on Ebay again. I plan to sell them via my clarinet network.

Thanks for any help.


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  1. November 29, 2011 at

    David , I have a guy who wants to sell me a Selmer 10S for around 750. I’m guessing that would be a step up from my Yam 34. I did a run to the music store last year and liked the plain R 13 better than the higher priced ones and the fancy selmers. Any tips> I can returnt the horn if needed. K

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