New Music Everywhere, Vaudville style show includes classical music

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I'm glad this kind of innovation is being seen more and more often. Small local music groups are reaching out to a diverse audience through fresh approaches to the experience of a classical music performance.

Vaudville Theater with Classical Music

1920s Vaudville Theater with Classical Music

I am in favor of returning classical music to the people, like Mozart did with his opera The Magic Flute.

Contemporary classical music will meet club culture in a one-of-a-kind event as New Music Everywhere (NEW MUSE) presents a modern-day vaudeville show at local gay nightclub Plan B on Saturday, April 30.

The interactive show, hosted by local drag celebrity Davina DeVille, includes live dance and chamber music performances, cabaret songs, as well as special guests The Weather Duo and DJ Illy Holiday.

A diverse mash-up of musical styles will be presented, including jazz, electronic improvisation, and contemporary classical works by William Bolcom, Travis Garrison, Scott Gendel, Matthew Orlovich and Andrew Cole. The evening will also feature the North American premiere of Guillermo Lago's "Strong Ties" for piano and saxophone.

Guest performers include the Anhinga PianoSAX Duo, local dance ensemble Ephemeral Art, as well as Madtown Ballroom. The festivities will finish off with a dance mix session spun by DJ Illy Holiday.

"This special evening is designed as a throwback to the cabaret days of old with a modern, participatory twist on the live music experience," said NEW MUSE co-founder Jerry Hui. "We bring in a wide spectrum of live performance arts to create that special laissez-faire atmosphere of a vaudeville show; except, this time, the audience is invited to come down on the dance floor and become part of the performing troupe with us."

Along those lines, the newly appointed Music Director of the Columbus Symphony, Jean-Marie Zeitouni (pronounced Zaytooni), is planning "rave classical music concerts", among other outside the box solutions to the stale, dusty traditions of the past.

About NEW MUSE: NEW MUSE is a newly formed ensemble specializing in location-specific, multi-disciplinary performances of contemporary music with the primary aim of engaging the Madison community in new and creative ways. We seek to engage our audience in renewed visions of how art, history and culture intersect, through performances of 20th and 21st century works in unconventional venues and settings. We promote multi-sensory and interactive audience experiences through the unique combination of sound, visuals, space, and time, with the goal of bringing new music to new audiences everywhere. NEW MUSE's inaugural season is sponsored by the College Music Society, the Dane County Cultural affairs Commission with additional funds from the Overture Foundation and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation, and Madison Fresh Market.

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