Arabic Music Ensemble concert at Tufts

Arabic Music Ensemble concert at Tufts May 1 - Medford - Your Town -

Folk Clarinet Russian

Russian Folk Clarinet

Despite being invented relatively recently (first mentioned in 1700 compared to most other instruments being established 500-1000+ years before that), clarinet has become the most popular woodwind instrument, if you consider all types of music.

It may only be one of 4 main woodwind instruments in the orchestra, but clarinets make up at least a third of any concert band. But the clarinet also broke out of the classical mold in the early years of jazz history, claiming the lead spot in many jazz "orchestras" of the early-mid 20th century.

Beyond those two well known and contrasting uses, the clarinet is also a primary solo instrument in Jewish Klezmer folk music. It is also used in Greek folk music, and in many ethnocentric folk musics, such as Armenian, Indian and others, including in "Oom-Pa" bands of Southern Germany and Switzerland.

The Tufts Takht, the Arabic Music Ensemble, welcomes guest musicians Kareem Azab (voice), Beth Bahia Cohen (violin), and Mal Barsamian (clarinet) in a program that features music from Armenia as well as vocal and instrumental works from the Arab Near East. This concert is presented as part of the Sundays at Tufts – Community Concert Series.

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