The Well Tempered Clarinetist: Alive with Music through Freedom and Control

well tempered clarinetist alive with music

Well Tempered Clarinetist, Alive with Music

The Well Tempered Clarinetist has a steady, rock solid technique and is able to maintain and enhance it over time.

Beginning with the most primary motivation of the musician- to create an artistic experience for self and others- the well tempered clarinetist systematically progresses along that path, never losing sight of the original goal. She exhibits not only musical imagination, but also creative problem solving.

The Well Tempered Clarinetist is alive with musical inspiration. He progresses steadily and solidly through any obstacles which hampers the ideal balance of freedom and control in musical expression.

Music is an extremely complicated language to translate into a living example, into the actual product of the music itself -- the actual experience between the listener and the player. And that experience requires being completely present, both physically and mentally, while enacting that event of the music.

The control of the air, and the body, and the body's gestures, in other words, control of the whole self, is perhaps most critical of all for musicians.

Musicians also play for a much longer time than dancers or athletes, and have to maintain an extremely high level of control throughout a longer period.

All these skills can be learned in a fun and engaging way. Three basic skills and practices will enable you to temper your playing.

  1. Being grounded- You can learn to be grounded through awareness of your breath and your body
  2. Being playful- Approaching problems with a playful and lighthearted attitude enables a gentler and also deeper kind of learning. Positive emotions during practice enable better learning.
  3. Being creative- Learning an instrument means solving your problems and issues in your own way. While other techniques may help you, creative problem solving lets you analyze and solve each new problem on your own.

With these skills you will be able to tackle any challenge and overcome issues in a deep and solid way. These skills will be detailed in future posts.

Would you like to share practice ideas with other musicians? You could do so at the Practice Café.

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4 comments for “The Well Tempered Clarinetist: Alive with Music through Freedom and Control

  1. March 16, 2011 at

    1. I seldom pay any attention to my body unless it hurts. So, I don’t do much prep work before I dive into practicing. 2. I am never “playful” I ususlly and charging ahead trying to get technique lost over the years . Soving a problem is my main reason to practice. that and keeping up with my students. 3. Being willing to look at other ways of doing things is my saving grace I have learned from many people, both teachers and just aquaintences. K

    • March 16, 2011 at

      Thanks Keith. As Spring approaches and longer days with nice weather arrive, I will be getting back into all these techniques, and developing them. In other words, I need this kind of encouragement to continue to believe I have something solid and valuable to offer, not just another relaxation technique or another way of “thinking” about practice, but a method which will change, for the better, the way any player experiences music. The experience will become more valuable, deeper, more satisfying, more enjoyable. Even the work of practice becomes a sort of game.

  2. March 3, 2011 at

    David I like this alot!!@ K

    • March 6, 2011 at

      Hey Keith, thanks. Sorry so tardy replying. What do you like about it?

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