What makes a great conductor? Columbus Symphony new Music Director, Jean-Marie Zeitouni

Jean-Marie Zeitouni Columbus Symphony Music Director

After a 2 year search, it was announced in September that the new music director of the Columbus Symphony would be Jean-Marie Zeitouni. (pronounced Zay-TOO-nee)

I previously wrote about him HERE and also HERE and HERE.

If you glance at any of those previous articles, you will not be surprised when I write that I am quite pleased with his appointment. And he signed up for a 4 year contract!

Most conductors bring to the podium a package or several high level skills. These can include a combination of any of the following: a good ear for pitch and tone; good rhythm; good musical sense; creative musical ideas; and/or good baton technique.

It is rare that a conductor has all these skills in balance. From what I have seen of him in 4 concerts, Jean-Marie Zeitouni has all those skills at very high levels.

One particularly effective and powerful tool for a conductor is to have a really good "ear". By this I mean the ability to hear and comment on intonation immediately, and hear exactly where a problem occurred, and by which player, even while the whole orchestra plays.

This skill may be applied to more than intonation. A conductor with a great ear can also hear any mistakes, including wrong notes and who played them, from within the thick layers of the orchestra.

The reason this skill is particularly valuable to a conductor is this: Most players have pretty good ears. If a conductor ever attempts to correct pitch and is wrong, the players will lose respect for him or her.

Jean-Marie has one of the best ears I've ever observed in a conductor. I'd say no more than 15% of all conductors exhibit this useful and rare skill.

The musicians KNOW that Jean-Marie hears everything. That makes us play our best, because nothing escapes him. Nothing.

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