What music is really all about- ‘A great family’

California Chronicle | 'A great family'.

And this gig is nothing like teaching school, she said.

"For one thing, my drummer is 87-years-old," Thiele said of Dan Vickers, whose daughter accompanies him on percussion. "We've got military members. We've got engi- neers. We've got doctors. We've got vet techs."

The band, which plays everything from Broadway to Dixieland, even boasts snowbirds in the winter.

"They bring their horns from Canada and Wisconsin and every place else," Thiele said.

John Hennion, a 28-year-old clarinet player, had Thiele as his band director at Choctaw.

"It's really about the same," he said with a laugh. "It's actually a lot of fun. We clarinet players cause all kinds of trouble."

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