Twitter Symphony- Hummingbird – Opening Music – apologies for Sibelius software poor quality tone!

The software known as Sibelius has begun to succumb to my direction. Keeping in mind that this is a work in progress, here is the opening of the Twitter Symphony Hummingbird.

Beyond the open ended nature, I offer my apologize for the horrible tone quality of the (expensive) software Sibelius.

My goodness, if this is what music is to sound like in the future, I am truly worried!! I guess good tone is priceless! 😀

Hummingbird Twitter Symphony

Click on the link to open the opening minutes...

First you hear the bassoon play the Innocence Chaconne ground bass (based on one Carolina Chickadee call)

... a piccolo chimes in, attempting to imitate the melody (but from another Chickadee call).

Other instruments enter, slowly joining in....

...The piccolo tries again with it's unique fragmented call...

Then the ground bass lines up with the full chaconne chord progression.

The tubular bells (chimes) ring out the piccolo fragment underneath the Innocence Chaconne chorale.


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