“Oncoming Traffic” = New works for clarinet

“Oncoming Traffic” = New works for clarinet with ensemble featuring Robert Spring, clarinet - Summit - Audiophile Audition.

It's refreshing to see a collection of truly new works for clarinet. Robert Spring has the clarinet pulse of new music. The works he has inspired for the instrument are awesome. This collection promises to be a treat. I've ordered it. I'll let you know.

If you want to order it for yourself, here is the link.

This is easily one of the most exciting clarinet recordings I have heard in awhile. There are so many reasons to buy this and listen to it. The amazing performances of Robert Spring and everyone on this collection, the terrific new compositions and composers who you should really get to know and, lastly, go hear this to learn more about the classical cutting edge music scene in Arizona. Not too many readers and listeners know how many great performers and musicians are doing new and important things out here in the middle of the desert! Highly recommended!

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