What’s in store for the Buzzing Reed?

Dear Readers,

It's fair to say a lot has happened at the Buzzing Reed in the past few months.

The Practice Journals group (or Practice Café) was started a few months ago, and the Music Teachers group a few weeks later. Both are coming along nicely with regular journal entries from a number of people. A nice mix of professionals and amateurs keeps it fresh. Ideas are shared, progress mapped. Some have reported that journalizing has helped stay focused and directed. I agree.

A new website design is still in the works. The designer has had some serious health and family issues. But I hope to have the new site up by October 1. The new design promises to be visually creative and appealing. (That's why I have been so patient with the designer.)

The new site will have mp3s of my performances for download. It will also feature performance and informational videos on the new techniques of Flow Breathing and Suspension Support.

The Jeanjean project will happen! I am now auditioning area churches for acoustics to pick the best in which to record the Book of 18 unaccompanied etudes by Paul Jeanjean.

A friend is filming the process building to the CD recording, which will be released as a series of documentary videos.

There are other exciting plans in the pipeline to enhance the accessibility and appeal of the 18 Jeanjean etudes. Let's just say they are innovative!

As for content on the Buzzing Reed blog, posts will include the subjects:

  • clarinet techniques
  • life as an orchestral and solo clarinetist
  • social media for musicians
  • fresh ideas for classical music
  • the Jeanjean Project; to record the book of 18 etudes

I am most grateful to all my readers for their patience as I stabilize operations and gain some healthy momentum. October should bring stability, and a fun new site design!


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