14 year old clarinetist says ‘I have to have’ music | HoumaToday.com

Local clarinetist says ‘I have to have' music | HoumaToday.com.

I think this young lady will be someone to watch in the clarinet and music world. 🙂

“Whenever I want to be alone, I just want to play my instrument and practice and get better,” Benoit said. “It helps me relax. It reminds me that I need to keep moving on and doing better everyday at everything.” Benoit said her goal “is to be the best I can be in music.” Burt said Benoit may be able to play the clarinet straight into a college scholarship. “She can write her ticket anywhere if she keeps up with this discipline of music and the way she plays,” he said. “In the future,” Benoit said, “I may be able to inspire people to love music because it is really fun and more people should try it.”

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