Sunday Poem: Robin’s Chorus at Dawn

I wrote this poem in June, 2005. Goodness, how time flies. I quote the description I gave to the original post:

"I went to bed early, giving in to deep relaxed fatigue, layered weights dragging me down the more I relaxed. I awoke way too early, 4:30 AM, not happy about "sleepus interruptus", while ruminating mind began planning chores. NO, not now! In a rare appearance these days, my old friend spontaneity came to the rescue. “Get up” s’he said. “Go out and listen to the dawn. Follow the Robins dream. Spiral through the shift from night to day.” So, I got up an went out back to sit on the step and feel the dawn."

Robin's Chorus at Dawn by David Thomas

Sing robins, sing-
Gossip of angels,
lone voices call
across treetops
(lofty reaches)
in jazzy, lilting riffs.
Each outdoes the other-
point, counterpoint
development, refrain, repeat.
(chorus spinning)
Each answers gurgling trills
in telephonic circulation,
answers and calls,
(leave a message)
conversations which
rise in pitch
to feverish conniptions.

Sing, robins, sing-
thrilling chorus,
bid the light appear as
still air chills and flows in whispers.
The page begins to turn
(huge and gentle)
nudging oceans of molecules to dance.
Shadows barely hint as
the garden broaches the dark pitch.
Bones of structure
rise to the surface,
pale ghost forms
of architecture,
soon to be resurrected,
as night acquiesces.

Sing, robins, sing
for me, when I am gone.
Tell me how the book began
how the story will end.
Tell me why I fear to hear
what you can only sing,
a truth I will never understand.
But tell me yet, for perhaps
I can know as you know,
know in the singing.

I hear, I hear and it’s gone.

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4 comments for “Sunday Poem: Robin’s Chorus at Dawn

  1. GretchensPianos
    August 18, 2010 at

    I love this! So easy to visualize images from your words, and so moving.

    Glad spontaneity won! Thanks for reminding us of its presence.


    • August 18, 2010 at

      Thanks Gretchen. I never know if people like poems. I think many folks are intimidated by them! Too bad. A poem is like music, you either like or not. Simple.

      Spontaneity is the better part of my spirit, to the dismay of my attempts to become more "regular"!

      • GretchensPianos
        August 18, 2010 at

        Spontaneity is most likely the better part of everyone's spirit, if only they could let it happen. Don't you think?

      • August 19, 2010 at

        I agree. Perhaps we can train a whole new generation of musicians who "feed" off their spontaneous spirit.

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