Sunday Music Poem: Grenadilla Tone, Clarinet Poem

grenadilla clarinet tone
I wrote this poem several years ago for my other blog, Glittering Muse. Enjoy!

Grenadilla Tone

Blurted air flaps papyrus reed
as raspy sneeze across its paper
thin tip, flag snapping in the wind.
Chunks of sound churned butter
mellow with age,
evolving as lips’ close brothers.

Together they parse
and rhyme the flurry of shuffling cards
with blurry turbine engine speed.
Lungs blast gales of excellent force
urging veins of cane to sing.

Balanced ice dancers spin ’round
flying out while spiraling in place.
Gymnastic grace settles into form
as air and lips waltz with reedy friend
through regal halls of grenadilla horn.

Raw silk waves spin
down rare black wood
into long chewy strands of polished
taffy. Syrupy tone stretches along
listener's inner ears,
soothing with chocolate songs.

Notes: Clarinets are made from the wood of the Grenadilla, or African Blackwood tree. It is favored for its density, which produces a rich, deep sound. Unfortunately it is also extremely slow growing and has now become endangered.

Wind players often refer to their instruments as “horns”.

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