On An Overgrown Path: Unblocking classical music’s arteries

From an excellent and well established music blog "On an Overgrown Path". Well said:

Was Britten's holy triangle of composer, performer and listener working its magic?

As that holy triangle tells us, great music making only happens when creative energy can flow freely between composer, performer and listener. Yet almost all of the current efforts to reach new audiences involve building the very barriers that block the vital energy flow. Classical music does not need a celebrity culture, it does not need inane presentation, it does not need to be markeketed like cornflakes by PR agencies, it does not need note perfect performances, it does not need national flags on the platform and it does not need the other brands of consultant created snake oil currently doing the rounds.

What it desperately needs is for the energy to start flowing again from composer to performer and listener. But that can only happen after all the middle feeders and other crap currently blocking classical music's arteries have been flushed out. As the Suffolk Youth Orchestra proved so convincingly last night.

On An Overgrown Path: Unblocking classical music's arteries.

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