New Update on Reader Survey Results

Me on my day off!

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After several hundred answers, I can now report conclusive trends. (You are still welcome to add your votes, if you wish, at the Reader Survey)

1- Most readers like posts on subjects "Life as a Professional Musician" and "Practice and Breathing Techniques". Check. That's easy for me! That what I love to write about!

2- Regarding post regularity. It is clear that 7 posts a week works for most people. But 10 posts a week was a close second choice in the votes. Got it! 7-8 posts a week sounds good to me!!

3- As for my readers, you are quite a mixed bag, my friends!

In order from most to least, you are:

    1) Music Hobbyists
    2) Music Teachers
    3) Don't like classical music, but enjoy reading Buzzing Reed
    (that one was a pleasant surprise!)
    4) Music Students, almost tied with..
    5) Professional Musicians
    6) Music Lovers
    7) Rock/Pop Musicians

4- In response to the question "If you would change one thing what would it would be", you responded equality to "focus on clarinet" and "keeping it just as is", you responded equally to each. In other words, many of you like the mix, but would enjoy more posts from my own experience and career.

AND, happily for me (Mr. Unpredictable), very few of you voted for a more regular posting schedule! WooHoo!

5- The vast majority of you use Facebook as your primary social media. (This helps me appreciate the quality readership I gain from FB rather than Twitter. Although many of my good Twitter friends become FB friends.)

These results are not much different from the quick report I gave a few days ago. But these further results indicate I have a greater variety of readers than I thought, which is great.

Thanks again for all your input.

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  1. August 5, 2010 at

    Great survey, David! Finding questions that yield useful results is an art.


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