In defense of just lying around

I needed a little self-healing today. As I lay on my back, I found my breath and rolled very very slowly to one side, then the other.

flow breathing

Flow Breathing Legato

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A video of me might show someone being quite lazy, just lying around on the floor for an hour, sighing and breathing!

During that apparently unproductive time, I gained a recharging of my whole being, mind and body. I also better acquainted myself with my greatest tool, my body, its motions, curves, and strengths, coordination. That time was spent charting that "tool" and finding its fluidity and resilience.

In no effort, you gain an invaluable neutrality from which so much else is possible. By only monitoring the breath, you can continuously release any tensions as they snag or "impede" the breath.

While rolling extremely slowly and effortlessly while keeping the breath un-disturbed, you will feel your core. (Your core is built around your spine, which is not on your back, but in your middle. All muscles in your core are subject to the fluidity and motion of your spine, and your breathing)

That's all for now.

I got up from that need practice to come write this. But if you don't mind, I'll go back to it now. 🙂

The ideas of Flow Breathing and Suspension Support will be included among others in my future book The Well Tempered Clarinetist.

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