Igor Stravinsky L’Histoire du Soldat (trio version); Preconcert Lecture Demonstration and Full Performance.

4 Videos- Stravinsky L'Histoire du Soldat, the Soldier's Tale, a Faustian fable from Russian lore, translated into vivid music oozing with character by the great 20th century master. Humor, passion, dance, sexy tangos, doubt, trickery and penance come through the music.

(Apologies for the small visual window. When I figure out how to fix it I'll repost them. For now you can at least hear the preconcert talk and the performance.)

Videos 1 and 2 are the preconcert demonstration and talk, totaling 17 minutes.

Videos 3 and 4 are the performance, Friday, June 18, 2010. Ahlin Min piano, Tatiana Hanna, violin, David Thomas, clarinet.

Note: These preconcert talks are evidence of an ongoing evolution bringing forth new approaches to classical music performance.

Referring to the music we are about to play, I speak in terms of the character of different parts of the music, rather than the "theory". The character of the music is then demonstrated and assembled with musical examples, just enough to familiarize the audience.

It adds up to a much more engaging and appealing event for any audience. And I enjoy performing as a clarinetist that much more!


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