Music Poem: Whale Breathing

Whale Breathing: Bartlett Cover, Alaska, by Bill Holm. From Mixed Voices, Contemporary Poems about Music, ed. Buchwald and Roston.

This poem is so clear on its own, I don't think anything I could say about it would add to its meaning. I love the phrase "let music be visible as whale breathing."

A fifty foot trombone blows
under the sea a mile away.
I saw the black horn dive
into its own music,
the spout of its sounding
shooting up after.

That noise left its own
visible ghost. The one
who made it dines
on shrimp so small
a helping would fit
on my fingernail.

Playing a grand piano now,
I wonder what I skim from the sea
delicate enough to let air
between the strings rise
into the room, let music be
visible as whale breathing.

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1 comment for “Music Poem: Whale Breathing

  1. Lily Rose
    July 26, 2010 at

    “let music be visible as whale breathing.” wonderful lines…. see here real whale watching people activity…

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