Great comment from Pastor Williford on Music and Spirituality

Twitter and Facebook friend D. Lee Williford commented on a recent post of mine, about music, survival and spirituality. Sometimes I like to share great comments.

"The connection between music and spirituality has long been something I've almost taken for granted. There have been very few musicians to my knowledge who denied their spirituality for very long., especially in their later years. Both are distinctively human, discounting the birdsong that awakens me each morning, and might well be used to help define us from other species. Some have postulated that music came before speech in human evolution, and the near universality of music vs. the ethnocentric limitations of speech are a good argument for that case. Our total reliance on speech is one of the reasons for our failure to communicate, often with tragic results. Imagine men making war if they were all playing musical instruments! As a society we know how to use each type of music to advantage in a given setting but have neglected the training of our young in the ritual, symbolic and spiritual aspects of music, which now seems relegated to commercial, entertainment and decorative functions. Music turns the chaos of existence and our lives into something tangibly real and sensible because it delights the soul, and reminds us that we can at least feel immortal as we face the limits of our existence. Bravo to Beethoven and Bono for that!"

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