Great Comment from Marc Helfman on Classical vs Pop Genres

In an ongoing discussion whether classical music should encourage the more "communal" feeling and culture achieved by pop, which started on this post, Marc suggests:

Although I still go to classical concerts (usually the rehearsal the day of the concert which is more informal and definitely cheaper), I've heard a lot of musicians say they'd much rather play music than go to a concert. When you think of the pop music world, their performances offer a lot more than just the music. Its more of a spectacle which involves costumes, lighting, special effects etc.--just think of Lady Gaga who was originally a performance artist. The audience feels itself part of the this spectacle as opposed to sitting quietly for two hours. How all of this can be translated to the classical music stage to attract the younger audience is a real challenge that no one seems to have figured out yet.

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2 comments for “Great Comment from Marc Helfman on Classical vs Pop Genres

  1. bass9396
    July 17, 2010 at

    This is already happening in Marching Band, Drum Corps, and Indoor Percussion–unfortunately, it hasn't caught on with most "serious" musical organizations.

    • July 20, 2010 at

      Yes, that is so true. The "communal" feeling is found in all the types of groups you mention. There is no reason that cannot be translated somehow to work in classical, at least a little bit more than it is now!

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