Classical music slows vegetative patients’ heartbeats

Classical music stirs vegetative patients’ souls - Self Help - Spirituality - Life & Style - The Times of India.

No wonder I am a musician. Music rouses me from my normally vegetative state. 🙂

Excerpts from article:

"It is said ‘music pulls the heartstrings of listeners’, and a new study has proven it right by claiming that playing classical music to vegetative patients could change their heart rate in the same way as that of healthy controls.

It suggests that music can affect the neural systems of emotion even when conscious thought is impossible.

Researchers led by Francesco Riganello at the Santa Anna Institute in Crotone, Italy, played four pieces of classical music to 16 healthy volunteers while measuring their heartbeats.

The team then repeated the experiment with nine people who were in a vegetative state.

People are medically defined as vegetative when they have no recognisable behavioural responses to external stimuli, said Riganello.

"Generally it is thought that vegetative patients are isolated from the external world, but maybe this is incorrect,” New Scientist quoted him as saying.

Riganello suggested that listening to music may have caused "some relaxation" in the vegetative patients.

He believes this reaction originates from the lower regions of the brain, such as the limbic and paralimbic system.

These are known to control emotion and autonomic responses and "may remain active after extensive brain damage".

The study is published in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology."

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