Classical MIxes with Dance Club. Clubbical Music?

Music from crunching plastic bags and the voice of George W. Bush? Sounds like a good combination to me!

Classical joins the club | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/24/2010.

"Classical music has to pay close attention to what's happening in urban culture. When you go back 200 years, you see how musicians took ideas from the folk music of their time. What's the folk music of our time? Not somebody strumming an acoustic guitar . . . ."

The far-apart worlds of pop recreational and classical concert music, not to mention the yawning technology gap between concert halls and dance clubs, are closer than expected in this circle of musicians who have electronic music in their ears but classical roots in their genes.

Gabriel Prokofiev, 35, a seasoned DJ, pop-music organist and grandson of Russian symphonist Sergei Prokofiev, is joined by colleagues at Crane Arts, including the one-named pianist GéNIA (a modern-music specialist and descendant of pianist Vladimir Horowitz), as well as percussionist Joby Burgess.

Instruments might look familiar but don't sound that way: Burgess plays Graham Fitkin's Chain of Command on xylophone with keys wired into a synthesizer that replaces conventional notes with syllables sampled from George W. Bush. In one of Prokofiev's pieces, Burgess makes music by crunching plastic bags.

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2 comments for “Classical MIxes with Dance Club. Clubbical Music?

  1. July 29, 2010 at

    Let me the first (and possibly the only one in the entire world) to say it: THIS music-making IS CHILDISH NONSENSE.

    • July 29, 2010 at

      I don't disagree. He does have a point. Great composers always took some of their inspiration from folk/pop music of the times. But classical ha become more and more enclosed in its own culture, cutting itself off from the main stream.

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