Three Days in Hotlanta | Createquity.

Three Days in Hotlanta | Createquity..

Go read it. The link is right up there. This is the best summary yet of the current plight of classical orchestral culture. On his blog, Createquity, Ian David Moss, freshly returned from the joint Chorus America/League of American Orchestras conference in Atlanta, GA, delves into the questions, questions pat answers, and asks his own. (with plenty of well-read backup)

One point was particularly good for me to hear, especially since I just gave a recital with extensive "added value" in detailed analysis (though a very personal one) of each piece. Most in my audience loved it.

Luckily, Ian does his homework, and cites research I did not know of, but certainly welcome:

According to research by Alan Brown and Jennifer Novak-Leonard at WolfBrown, audiences are looking for more intense fulfillment for less time than they were before. While audiences vary widely in how much “added value” engagement they seek with their performance, 4 out of 5 orchestra patrons desired at least some interpretative content along with the experience (e.g., by having the conductor introduce and talk about each piece before it is played).

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