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Blogger Adam Butalewicz suggests music students seek inspiration outside their own instrument group, or even family:

"I played for the Takemitsu work composed for violist Nobuko Imai (who I’ve fallen in LOVE with). She has such a humble and endearing personality when she’s onstage, but the sounds and colors coming from her viola…were…kind of bad ass. I’ve never really heard colors to that extent on the viola before – and it was really inspiring and motivating to hear.

Something I learned, as a bystander of this event, is that musicians have such close minded concepts of other instruments in the world and are unable to get out of their conceptual “boxes .” And by that I mean, we avoid things that are foreign to us. Not that I learned this from the violists, but more from the other musicians, the “none-violists.” I guess it’s a little strange that I’m a clarinetist floating around a bunch of violists…

Nah, I beg to differ. Even my lowly clarinet playing self can learn a tremendous amount from the swarm of violists that have…taken over CCM."

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