Jennifer Higdon premieres concerto ‘On a Wire’

Jennifer Higdon premieres concerto 'On a Wire' | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/08/2010.

This sounds like a fantastic collaboration between performers and composer. I can't wait to hear it.

Written for Eighth Blacbird and called "On a Wire". Philosophical Soliloquies. Dense and excited. I like it already.

"I think you explored a whole new room in your musical mansion," Atlanta music director Robert Spano told Higdon on Sunday after a post-concert toast. "I'm hearing things that sound exactly like you, but I haven't heard them before." That's one reason he scheduled a recording session the day after Thursday's premiere. His plan is to rush-release the concerto as a classical-music single.

On a Wire begins with the six musicians gathered around the open-lidded piano, most of them "bowing" the interior strings with horsehair (it worked better than fishing line) to eerie, almost electronic-music effect. As the concerto evolves into a full-blown orchestral work, the musicians have their own virtuosic solo moments, none alike in temperament, some dense and excited, others like philosophical soliloquies.

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