Classical music, opera used to disperse teen loiterers

Classical music, opera used to dispurse teen loiterers | News | London Free Press.

If they had played clarinet music, it would have attracted MORE loiterers, gypsies, tramps, thieves, who gravitate to clarinet. 🙂 It would be a party.

"People were having a difficult time getting into the library. People complained the entrance was often blocked to pedestrians as young people hung out smoking and socializing. That made entry difficult — even intimidating — for some, especially the elderly. The problem, Mitchell said, is that the sidewalk doesn’t belong to the library, so library staff have no right to ask people to move along.

But classical music, played very loudly from overhead speakers at the main entrance, seems to be clearing the crowds nicely.

Mitchell said the library hasn’t measured response to the music scientifically, but security staff have observed a notable decrease in loitering."

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