B’ville, Beethoven and JFJO? It’s all OK Mozart | Tulsa World

B'ville, Beethoven and JFJO? It's all OK Mozart | Tulsa World.

Entire sections of Beethoven symphonies with jazz quartet improvising along, around, on top of, and through the symphony. Hmmm. Got my attention. Anyone out there who heard it?

Today people think improvisation is what jazz is all about, but for centuries it was a hallmark of classical music."

"Ludwig" will feature the Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra performing two Beethoven symphonies — the No. 3, the "Eroica," and the No. 6, the "Pastoral" — with the JFJO quartet of Haas, drummer Josh Raymer, Chris Combs on lap steel guitar and recently added bassist Jeff Harshbarger.

Faingold said it was "important to all of us the maintain the integrity of the original music. So the symphonies are played in their entirety — nothing has been deleted."

"At the same time," he said, "when you, for example, add a rhythm section to an orchestra, it changes the dynamics of everything. So much of what was done were textural things — clearing a space within the music for the band to exist within Beethoven's music."

The result, Faingold said, is closer to "a concerto for jazz quartet with orchestral accompaniment."

"There's a lot of improvisation that will go on," Haas said. "But we're also wanting it to be subtle and tasteful — something that integrates well into the whole."

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