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Boy, those Aussies sure know how to stir the pot. Okay. This is PG13, or maybe R. Beware... Oh, go ahead, it's nothing you don't know about already. It's amazing what some will do to gain notoriety. Or, perhaps explore their deepest desires. Nonetheless, art of this type can say something. Not that it necessarily does. (I haven't seen the show, so I cannot say which)

"Basically I improvised my way out of that situation using a clarinet and a pair of scissors."

Not content with excelling in the obscure universe of contemporary classical music (he's currently studying his clarinet soloist diploma at a Swiss conservatorium), Australian Richard Haynes is combining it with an onstage exploration of proscribed sexual fetishes. See? He sounds more intriguing than Daryl Somers already.

Haynes' second show, Listen My Secret Fetish, on as part of the Midsumma Festival, is a concert/installation of four extreme works for clarinet interpreted through the lens of several fetishes, such as being deprived of oxygen during sex.

"Some fetishes are completely out of the question and are not talked about, and I wanted to bring them into the public eye and present them in a challenging and yet innovative way. I believe fetishes are important to us as sexual beings, and I'm hoping we can talk about them more openly, instead of just treating them as the butt of jokes."


Sex and sound from the edge - Entertainment -

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