Poem: Listening to Gould Play Grieg E Minor Sonata

Listening to Glenn Gould Play the Grieg E Minor Sonata by June Owens

From the collection Northern Music, Poems about Glenn Gould

I also found a YouTube recording of Gould playing the first movement of the Grieg, below.

Out of his silk of sound,
A silk that floats,
A Taj Mahal of Exhilarated lights
Whose distant repetitions hum
And lift our spirits,
A sacrifice to music.

But, oh, the tempo tugs
And pulses upward,
Lists out hopes of Heaven,
a brightly colored kite.
He fills this room's small cup
with distant, repetitious hums
And trembles the pool of stars
Outside, aloof, withdrawn;
A Taj Mahal of nightscapes,
Winder for the heart to hear
When the world's wonder has flown.
Outward we fly on his silk of sounds,
A silk that floats.

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