Poem: Listening to Dvorak Serenade in E

Listening to Dvorak's Serenade in E by Colette Inez
from the collection Mixed Voices, Contemporary Poems about Music,
edited by Emilie Buchwald and Ruth Roston.

Here is a video of the bucolic third movement. It's sunny mood is captured sweetly in the poem below.

Everything has ripened,
the oranges glisten
in their sharp worlds,
the apples ahve broken
their juice
in my mouth,
I am alone at the edge
of all the gold season,
a tide of clouds
bearing me home
like a migratory bird.

And this briht music
shaping dancers
on a bitter dust of roads,
divining rods
that point
to a further distance:
stone, water, stone.

Dowser, find my deep stream.
Builder, make my house
to last in the ochre heart
of the falling sun,
in this shining harvest.

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