‘Opus’: Inside the music – A Play about a String Quartet

'Opus': Inside the music - San Jose Mercury News.

Getting inside the private life of a professional string quartet. This would be interesting to see. It sounds like engaging personal drama, which also delves behind the preparations for a concert.

"The thing I love about this play," says Meredith McDonough, who is directing it for TheatreWorks, "is that it explores what it's like to be in a string quartet, in a really smart way. It gives a window into this world. Unless you are in a string quartet, unless you are one of those four musicians, you never get to see the inner workings."

Hollinger had
been a member of a string quartet before deciding to put more of his creative energy into playwriting, so "Opus" resonates with artistic truth.

"The more time you spend with the characters," McDonough said during a recent conversation, "The more you see they have the ability to achieve transcendent moments together, and what it means to strive for something extraordinary, for greatness.

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