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The magical effects of the clarinet. 🙂

Over 30 years earlier in a concert hall in Glasgow I happened to be in the audience for the premiere of this work. It had been a huge success and the memory had stayed with me ever since. The nearest I had come to getting my CD was 15 years ago. Walking on the main road in Birmingham, I had seen the discreet sign of a music shop in a small side street.

My usual query was receiving its usual blank stare from the owner when a man with long unruly hair said, “That’s the clarinet concerto by Thee Musgrave, with Grease de Payer as soloist.” “Yes!” I said, “That’s it! How did you know?” It turned out -- and what are the odds of this happening, me coming from India, landing up at a tiny music shop in a city I had never been to before, and doing so at the exact moment when this man was there too – he was part of the orchestra at the premiere!

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