Gustavo Dudamel: Making Classical Cool In L.A. : NPR

via Gustavo Dudamel: Making Classical Cool In L.A. : NPR.

The thing about Dudamel is that — in addition to his musical talent — he's brought a stage presence that's magic.

"He's got a big mop of hair, which is his trademark," says Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times music critic. "He moves amazingly well, like a dancer. He's very physical and very expressive."

Mark Swed recently wrote that Dudamel is the "happiest conductor in America."

"He's a very happy guy, who's also deeply serious. He can conduct some very moving and very dark music in very moving and very dark ways. There is this inner-upbeatness and optimism in him. It is all the more meaningful that he does understand the other side, too."

Convincing the Musicians

"When you are a leader, you have to learn how to work because you have to convince the people in front of you of your ideas." says Dudamel. "When I started to conduct in professional orchestras when I was 22 or 23, [I had to] convince people with a lot of experience, with the tradition of sound or the idea of specific piece. What I want from the musicians is to enjoy what they are doing."

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