Béla Fleck tests music boundaries – MontereyHerald.com :

Béla Fleck tests music boundaries - MontereyHerald.com :.

Bela Fleck is on my all time favorite musicians. A true master. And those few who can keep up with him deserve the highest praise. I will be buying this triple concerto recording. I'm sure it's fantastic. I'll let you know when I get it.

During the course of his career, Bela Fleck has become the most celebrated artist in the history of the Grammy Awards, with more nominations in different categories than any other artist.

The trio originally composed and performed a triple concerto, "The Melody of Rhythm," with the Nashville Symphony.

His relationship with bassist Edgar Meyer, whom Fleck met in 1982, motivated him to record a classical album with the banjo, "Perpetual Motion," under Meyer's guidance.

That musical partnership led to the pair composing a
double concerto for the Nashville Symphony in 2004. The success of that project led to another project with the Nashville Symphony, this one a triple concerto.

In search of a third partner, Fleck and Meyer sought out Hussain, the classical Indian tabla virtuoso widely recognized as a chief architect of the contemporary world music movement.

"(Hussain) was just a guy we thought was incredible and we'd been hearing a lot about him," said Fleck. "We were real curious about Indian music, too. We both have a lot of respect for Indian classic music."

The result was "The Melody of Rhythm; Concerto," which debuted September 2006, with Leonard Slatkin conducting the Nashville Symphony.

A recording of the music followed, with Fleck, Meyer and Hussain creating additional trio music to go along with the concerto.

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  1. May 31, 2010 at

    Long-time fan of Fleck, myself. A little late to the party, I picked up The Enchantment, recorded with Chick Corea.


    • June 4, 2010 at

      Karl, I don’t know if I replied. My comments manager is a little funky. I’ll have to check out the album you mentioned. I don’t know it, but it sounds great. Do you know of the 70’s jazz/classical group “Oregon”?

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