Tchaikovsky’s “Pathetique”

Tchaikovsky's "Pathetique" - InstantEncore.

The program includes Beethoven Leonora #2, which is very different from #3 and is also more difficult to perform accurately. The trumpet call is completely different. Whole passages are developed in an entirely different way from #3, and the main theme crashes through in the minor at one point. That was really shocking.

The Leshnoff double concert for violin and viola is "modern romantic" and very accessible. It's also very well performed by violist Roberto Diaz and our Concert Master Charles Wetherbee.

The Tchaikovsky performance came across well, quite expansively, if perhaps a bit to slow in spots for my taste.

For those interested, I played a new Hawkins B I just picked out and love, with an untouched (no need to adjust the newer ones) Legere Signature #4.


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