Poem: To Play Pianissimo

Since I just played Tchaikovsky 6th symphony with the Columbus Symphony last week, I thought I'd post a poem about pianissimo playing. Actually the Tchaikovsky markings for the famous dolce solos in the first movement have several indications for pppp and one for ppppp! That would be pianississississimo!

This poem is from a collection called Mixed Voices, Contemporary Poems about Music You can find it HERE on Amazon for one cent! (plus shipping)

To Play Pianissimo
by Lola Haskins

To Play Pianissimo

Does not mean silence.
The absence of moon in the day sky
for example.

Does not mean barely to speak,
the way a shild's whisper
makes only warm air
on his mother's right ear.

To play pianissimo
is to carry sweet words to the old woman in the last dark row
who cannot hear anything else,
and to lay them across her lap like a shawl.

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