Poem: Always at Work

From the collection "Northern Music: Poems about and inspired by Glenn Gould".

Another poem about Gould's un-natural and haunting isolation, his constant introverted expression, and also his unique and beautiful interpretations. However, much of the same can be said of the quiet, introverted nature of many performers.

Always at Work
by Leon Raikes

Bleached musical notes
Jumbled in the sun,
Whalebones at Red Bay, Labrador
Go on collection in corners
The sea has washed them clean.

You walk the beach alone
Bathed in the light of Basque memories,
Basking in the dark of inhuman shadows.
Behind you, ridge beyond ridge,
Hills rise and fall in disordered music.

You walk the beach alone,
Knowing just what bones to pick up
In deft hands, arranging them along the foam
In flowing order, page after page
Of shifting signatures.

And afterwards, for days,
Living whales at sport leaps and sound,
Into the light and down into shadows,
Brought to life again in moving mist
By one who walks the beach alone.

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