Tweets for Dec 28-Jan 9

Facing your weaknesses as a player may also involve facing your own personal weaknesses.

Think of practicing as performing in a safe place.

Delightful and bravura Mendelssohn pieces for 2 clarinets & pno. Should be played more.

Technical passages in music often need the most musical phrasing.

Emptiness, of space or mind, is where music resonates most.

Enjoy the silence of the space between the phrases.

Music is a reflection of the complex landscapes of the human spirit.

Friendship is the soul of love.

Try to notice the circular unity of your breath and carry that into your music making.

Listening to classical music is an intimate experience. Whom do you share it with?

Intensity of practice is measured by determination and persistence at most difficult points.

Music is a map of the rich landscapes of the human spirit.

Allow the silence of rests in phrases to be as important as the phrase itself.

Familiarity can cause blindness to what is truly valuable. Perspective is the cure.

Sadness in a song is part of its beauty. So also with life.

Quality of practice is measured by clarity of attention.

We must know our savage self to cultivate our civilized self.

You only borrow energy from life. One day you must return it. (from Avatar)

Weaknesses in playing can hide deep in your habitual use. Fresh patience daily.

Ironically, trying less can benefit more. Try it!

Overcoming weaknesses in playing can be a long, slow process, since they often hide in your playing tensions. Be patient.

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3 comments for “Tweets for Dec 28-Jan 9

  1. January 27, 2010 at

    Hi David. I am happy I am back to do blog hopping during my free time. I have been so busy lately with some activities in the music classroom. By the way, I am glad you liked my previous comments; I've just read in a while ago. I always enjoy reading your posts – informative, useful and interesting. Your ideas and inputs can surely be appreciated by many music teachers out there. Please keep on posting more creative and innovative music teaching resources in this blog. Thanks again and more power. Til your next posts!

  2. Tim
    January 14, 2010 at

    David, are you familiar with Bruce Adolphe's book, "What to Listen For in the World?" I believe you would enjoy it. He set out to write a book about music for non-musicians and ended up with a book of poetry.

    • January 14, 2010 at

      Thanks for the recommendation Tim. I ordered the book and look forward to reading it.

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