Tweets Dec 16-21, 2009

If you think you are a great musician, or think you suck, both ways mess up your ability to progress.

Some of your best practicing is when you are not trying to accomplish anything.

Getting your head on right before playing is the hardest part. I kid you not.

Did you forget your head? No mindless playing, please. Playful playing, yes.

We should find perfection in our playing through imperfection in our playing.

Moment to moment everyone comes out from the nothingness. This is the true joy of life. (Suzuki)

If you are trying to play perfectly you block yourself with effort. Strive without effort.

True music understanding of music comes from the feeling mind, the thinking heart.

No-one ever died from playing a wrong note. I hope.

A great music performance is something you grasp and express whole, not a series of piecemeal events.

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