Orchestras, not individuals, follow conductor.

During a rehearsal today, Jean-Marie Zeitouni said "Don't follow me. Listen to the soloist and play with him."

Referring to the English Horn solo in the second movement of Dvorak 9th Symphony, J-M Zeitouni recommended not playing exactly with his beat, but rather to follow the musical line of the soloist, Rob Royse.

I have harped about this issue in the past: "But I'm with the conductor!"

In general, conductors lead the orchestra, not individual players. The orchestra as a whole should follow the conductor. Individual players need to stay with the "pack". If any player leaves the "pack" to follow individually, they miss the point.

A savvy conductor will carefully lead the back of the orchestra, which usually suffers the most from acoustical delay in a hall, as in the case of the Ohio Theater, where the Columbus Symphony plays.

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