Anthony Pay on Relaxation

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Have you noticed how the heels of your shoes start to wear out, in just a few short months?

That's because, even in your everyday life, you're using UNNECESSARY EFFORT.

Ask yourself: Why do so many people persist in WALKING, when with a little forethought, you can minimise debilitating forces?

YES, you heard me: FORCES!! -- and what's more, as I pointed out, these are forces that, over time, can wear out even HARD RUBBER!

Just imagine what these debilitating forces are doing INSIDE your joints!

So, why not use BUSES; why not use TAXIS -- above all, WHY NOT USE LIFTS?!!! Unlike the other two, they COST NOTHING. Surely it's crazy to put strain on your heart climbing stairs, when modern technology has evolved in order to make the effort unnecessary.

And, why not use lifts of the other sort, too -- do you have a friend with a car who can take the strain YOU'VE been shouldering up to now?

I tell you, we have a long way to go towards the ultimate goal of....RELAXATION.

I hear that some people, using email, fax, and conference calling, manage to run their businesses nowadays WITHOUT EVEN GETTING UP! Contrast this with the maniacs you see early in the morning, pounding the streets, red in the face...sweating...pitting THEIR puny forces against the forces of FRICTION and GRAVITY. ('Working out', they like to call it. Well, OUT is where they'll be, and pretty soon, you mark my words!)

While we're on gravity, the great Ein Stein, in his 'The Art of Relativity', acknowledged that you can describe the behaviour of the Universe in a principle called, 'The Principle of Least Action.' It's one way of eliminating the concept of force from the world of Physics.

'The Principle of Least Action.'

Need I say more???

Following Ein Stein, what WE have to do is to ELIMINATE the very CONCEPT of force from OUR OWN WORLD.

TOTAL RELAXATION -- or as near as we can get -- is the ONLY key to mastery.


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