Twitter Posts past few days

I twitter stuff I'm thinking about for my own playing. Here are the main tweets I put up regularly the past few days, to keep me, and hopefully you, in the best state for productive practice. If you don't follow me on Twitter, you can do so using the link in the sidebar to your right.

Most of these are quoted, or paraphrased from my favorite Alexander Technique book for musicians, "Indirect Procedures" by Pedro de Alcantara. You can buy it on Amazon.

End-gaining: Faced w the constant stimulation of life, you can react healthily (use the best means) or unhealthily (disregarding use).

The part reflects the whole. Every part is always connected to every other part.

"Singing (playing) is accomplished by opposing motions and the measured balance between them." Lamperti 'Vocal Wisdom'

Poise lies between over-eagerness and hesitation.

Tension-of the right kind-is a prerequisite of dynamic, energetic, vital human endeavor.

Nothing separates posture from attitude, nor from movement. Posture as a "bodily position" is doubly misleading.

In posture a person is as truly active as in movement.

Not using yourself wrongly while practicing is more important than any other accomplishment.

The attention required for well-ordered, organized living (and practicing) excludes both physical and spiritual inertia.

Energetic stillness is as vital as any action, and is the best preparation for all action.

The cause of wrong tension is most often the lack of right tension.

Don't breathe. Let the air in.

Play as if you could go on forever. Gyroscope poise.

The harder the conductor tries to make the orchestra obey his will the worse it plays.

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