New music, New season, New weather

I've been wood-shedding the Daniel Schnyder Bass Trombone concerto, "subZERO" the past few days. I'm looking forward to playing the piece this Friday October 2nd at the special Prelude Event to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra's '09-10 season.

Speaking of seasons and subzero! The weather changed shockingly the past day! BRRRRRR! Frost tonight. I hope you brought your houseplants in. I had to turn on the heat. Where did Summer go?

It's a fun piece, the Schnyder concerto. Lots of jazz influence, funky, angular. The clarinet part has some licks with funky scales, kind of jazzy gypsy minor, which take lots of repetition to get into the fingers. The rhythms are equally unique, but far from obscure. I think most people will enjoy the first hearing.

You can check out the first movement, played with only piano and percussion, in this YouTube video with Stefan Schulz, our soloist this weekend, and bass trombonist with the Berlin Philharmonic! He premiered this concerto all over Europe.

Here's the version with chamber orchestra, the one we're playing Friday. It's interesting to compare the two.

But the second movement is very contrasting, intimate, sweet. Here's Taylor playing the second movement.

And here's Schulz playing the third movement, which sounds like the first, bus has different moods and themes. And the end has you on the edge of your seat.

Of course, that's not the only thing on the program. Arutro Marquez Dazon No. 2, a delightful and sensual "dance" which starts low and easy, and then develops into a passionate frenzy.

The second half features Beethoven's incomparable 7th Symphony. I could go on for days about it. But not now I have to get some rest for tomorrows rehearsals!

Our guest conductor this weekend, Alondra del la Parra, will add her unique and personal flair to this program. Her penchant for exciting Latin American and highly rhythmic music will find vivid outlets in all three pieces on the program. I'm looking forward to a passionate and high energy evening. Hope you can join us!!

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