JJ2 Practice, Oct 26

Starting to feel comfortable with all the new fingerings chosen for Jeanjean etude 2, second part. (yesterday I tweeted that this piece will be the end of me yet!) A lot of them make sense now, passing the difficult motions back and forth between hands. Remember, I've played this piece for many years without ever trying any other fingering choices. I just assumed I needed to practice more, but these fingerings, or some variation close to these, should be learned from the start to avoid cramping of overused hands/fingers.

Click the photo below to see full size, (Right click to view full image in new tab or window, then click again for larger yet. I don't know why WordPress won't let me open it in a new window.) You may be able to see my scrawled fingerings, and some directional phrasings, which I use to help me group notes for technical flow. (not musical phrases, per se)

Jeanjean 002

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1 comment for “JJ2 Practice, Oct 26

  1. Glenn Kantor
    October 28, 2009 at

    Hi David – On Line 3, the first measure, I use the x00/0x0 fingering for the second and third Bb's in that measure. Similarly, in the next measure on Line 3, I use the same fingering for the first and second Bb. It feels more comfortable and logical coming from and going to the F#. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this difficult exercise.

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