Ben Folds coming to Columbus

I guess the Columbus Symphony is the next stop Wednesday Oct 28th on the Ben Folds tour.

Wow. This tour looks brutal. Here's the list of previous concerts (8-10 a month since September 2008):

If you are interested in attending, you can buy tickets at the CSO website.

Checking out the charts tonight. Nothing too crazy, but a lot of fast tempos. All tunes have "West Australian Symphony Orchestra Music Library, Perth" on them. But Folds is from North Carolina. The wonders of the global economy!

I couldn't help but notice the intriguing names for a lot of the tunes: "One Angry Dwarf", "Narcolepsy", "Mess", "Smoke", "Philosophy", "Cigarette", "The Ascent of Stan", "Jesusland". This should be a very interesting show. You can read more about him and his music at his website Ben Folds.

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