Buffet R13 version of Jeanjean 1 excerpt

It's interesting playing the same tricky phrase on these two different instruments. I used the exact same mouthpiece/reed setup. In fact I didn't move the reed at all, since it's a Legere and doesn't need to be wet.

Though the legato over breaks and attacks seemed easier to play, it didn't come out sounding that way. I'm not as acclimated to the Buffet as I am on the Selmer, which I've been playing for months. But that R13 was also my regular instrument for years and I am quite comfortable with it in general.

Slurring from throat Bb to top space g, then from throat Ab to f, is one of the more difficult slurs on clarinet to make perfectly legato. You almost need to leave a tiny bit of air between the notes, as if lightly hopping, rather than stepping, across the break.

Anyway, here it is for what it's worth. The tempo is a bit faster than yesterday. I crescendoed a lot more on the first long note, partly because I felt I could get away with it on the Buffet, but it ends up sounding a bit too intense, considering the long phrase ahead. The throat Bb is flat at times this take, and would have to be dealt with if I were to perform it; probably lip it up.

Jeanjean 1 first phrase on Buffet R13

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