Jahja Ling and Ax promise depth

Our rehearsals with Jahja Ling this week have been very satisfying. He brings with him a wealth of experience from working with one of the world's great orchestras, the Cleveland Orchestra.

Under Ling's steady wings, we should be able to fly as a stable flock while piloting Dvorak 8th in G Major and Brahms 2nd Piano Concert in Bb.

Ling has an uncanny system for creating a natural interpretation of the music: He takes the piece apart and shows us how it fits together and why. With the details in place, the music begins to breathe and flow and our awareness as performers is highly tuned.

I don't mean the larger abstract shape of the music as much as the mechanics, the nuts and bolts of the score, critical transitional or pivotal points to keep the music flowing such as balance between sections to let inner melodies shine, rhythmic patterns which reach across the orchestra's sections and need to be consistent, and melodic shapes which affect all sections at different times.

Emanuel Ax is his usual self: incredibly accomplished and genuinely modest, also famous for not wanting to over-rehearse! He likes to keep the freedom in the performance. Of course, with him at the keyboard, live is usually better than any rehearsal. (He has also donated his fees back to the orchestra to support us)

Concerts Friday and Saturday, March 20 and 21st at 8PM in the Ohio Theater. Click HERE for tickets.

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1 comment for “Jahja Ling and Ax promise depth

  1. Bob Pfeifer
    March 21, 2009 at

    Great job tonight, David. You and Woody sounded very nice…especially that real nasty spot in the 3rd movement of the Brahms. A good house, too. My arms actually got tired from clapping so much at the end! What…like 6 or 7 bows for Ax? Thanks for a really great evening of music.

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