Ethereal Rutter Requiem at FCC

I enjoyed playing, hearing and seeing the beautiful music and dancing at today's Lent Requiem service at First Community Church in Dublin, OH.

Ron Jenkins, Music Minister at FCC, plans regular music services throughout the year, and always hires a small, full orchestra for the occasion, many members of which are also full time or part time members of the Columbus Symphony.

As many of you know, Ron, who is Choir Master of the Columbus Symphony Chorus, also maintains a high quality choir at FCC.

The music was John Rutter's Requiem, with the FCC chancel choir and boy soprano Joseph Kingery. The danced movements were choreographed by Susan Hadley, with dancers from the Columbus Dance Theater, Tim Veach, Artistic Director. Solo dance was by Amelia Larkin.

Joseph Kingery sang his parts beautifully, with pure pitch and perfect, sweet tone. He is in seventh grade at the Columbus Academy. Apparently Joe also studies oboe.

Rutter's music always amazes me with it's effortless style and beauty. It never fails to touch me deeply. Some may consider it corny, as I have in the past, but now I marvel at how well written every part is, how well balanced the orchestra and choir parts are, and how rich with songful melody it is.

I remember doing this Requiem a few years back with the same wonderful choreography. My favorite part then, and again today, is in the last movement, Lux Aeterna, when the dancers lift each other up in turn, as if helping them upwards toward the Eternal Light, both physically and metaphorically. The combination of ethereal, peaceful music and the way these dancers so gracefully lifted each other up is really stunning, and I get choked up even as I think of it now.

Music and dance have such cathartic power. It is always a pleasure to play these services, which show the deep connection between healing and music and, in today's case, dance.

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5 comments for “Ethereal Rutter Requiem at FCC

  1. Tim Veach
    March 23, 2009 at

    Dave: Thank you so much for this wonderful response to the service. It is indeed a pleasure for my Company to have the opportunity to work with musicians of such high caliber. Thank you for your outstanding playing and the great work that the Symphony musicians do throughout the year.

    Tim Veach – CDT

  2. March 16, 2009 at

    @Ron Gardner: Hi Ron. Thanks for your beautiful comment. It’s nice to know others are similarly moved in such experiences. Are you in the choir, or were you in the congregation?

    • Ron
      March 16, 2009 at

      David, I am a tenor in the Chancel Choir. It was great to give a gift to those who attended, plus the music and dance was a give to me too. Ron

  3. Ron Gardner
    March 16, 2009 at

    Indeed yesterday’s Rutter Requiem was powerful and meaningful to those in attendance and the participants. Thank to you for the posting, and for your part. I, like you, have grown to better appreciate Rutter’s Requiem in particular. I was moved to tears during the last movement feeling, hearing, dancig and all the musical senses that took place. Eternal light, the glimmer of Lux Aeterna came to me during all the performers’ contribution in yesterday’s last movement of the Rutter Requiem. Joy and peace, Ron Gardner.

  4. Ron Jenkins
    March 15, 2009 at


    Thank you for your kind remarks. I am grateful that so many people—singers, orchestral musicians, dancers, soloists, bring their high degree of skill and artistic commitment which enables mornings of music (and dance) like this to happen at First Community.

    I will forward this on to all of them so they can read your affirming words.



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